Trump denies pulling out of WTO; says it treats US very badly

Clay Curtis
July 1, 2018

"I think that the president's expressed frustrations with worldwide organizations from a sovereignty perspective, but I think that the president also believes that there are extensive tariffs assessed on American products overseas that's not a reciprocal tariff", Short further said.

"He's [threatened to withdraw] 100 times", one source tells Swan. "It would totally [screw] us as a country", said an advisor close to Trump.

"The statements attribute to Donald Trump, the American President, about the intentions to leave the WTO is "fake news", Mnuchin said in the interview for Fox Business TV channel on Friday on June 29, as reports". "I don't know why we're in it".

The president was refuting reports that he has been pushing advisers to pull out of the WTO because the global arbiter of trade disputes is unfair to the U.S. He thinks there's aspects of it that are not fair. Canada has announced billions of dollars in retaliatory tariffs against the USA in a tit-for-tat response to the Trump administration's duties on Canadian steel and aluminum.

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Trump was responding to an Axios report that he has privately told advisers he wants to withdraw the US from the WTO, a move that would upend global trade and roil worldwide markets. Trump has long criticized the WTO for allowing countries such as China to levy high tariffs on American goods such as cars even as its economy has matured, though as president he's stopped short of pledging to withdraw from the group.

Trump's economic aides have tried to explain to the president that the United States designed the WTO and that it often uses the organization successfully to protect its economic interests.

"Sources with knowledge of the situation say the Trump administration will continue to call attention to various ways in which the USA encounters what some Trump advisers perceive is unfair and unbalanced treatment within framework of the WTO", the report said. The President has been clear with us and with others.

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin immediately denied the report.

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