Academia bids farewell to physics giant Stephen Hawking

Katie Ramirez
July 2, 2018

The University of Cambridge will reportedly be opening a book of condolence for those wishing to pay tribute to his life.

Hawking defied the standards of medical science and reached old age despite suffering from such a rare disease.

In spite of his ailment with which he was diagnosed shortly after his 21st birthday in 1963 and being wheelchair-bound and dependent on the computerised voice system for communication, Hawking for more than five decades continued with his research into theoretical physics, apart from travel and public lectures. It becomes an worldwide bestseller, bringing him global acclaim.

His children Lucy, Robert and Tim also shared a statement with the news agency about their father's passing: "He was a great scientist and an extraordinary man whose work and legacy will live on for many years".

A thousand years from now, scientists will still be discussing the work of Stephen Hawking, the British astrophysicist who changed the way humanity views the universe.

Hawking's death is not only a loss to his family, but also people around the world who have been inspired by him. In the episode Selman refers to in his tweet, Hawking says to Homer "Your theory of a doughnut-shaped universe is intriguing Homer, I may have to steal it". "We will miss him forever".

1979 - Becomes Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at Cambridge, a prestigious position once held by Isaac Newton.

Asked afterwards if he had discussed his scientific theories with the Queen, Prof Hawking said: "I think she has other things to think about". His grit and tenacity inspired people all over the world.

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Others noted that Hawking's birthday, January 8, is the same day that famed scientist Galileo died at age 77 in 1642.

"I have managed, however, only because of the large amount of help I have received from my wife, children, colleagues and students", he said. "He was one of the first to take the existence of black holes seriously". Later in his career, he ruffled academic feathers with freaky statements about extraterrestrials, time travel, and the creation of humans through genetic engineering.

He publicly backed Labour in the 2017 general election and strongly criticised Health Secretary Jeremy Hunt the same year.

However, his serious scientific work won universal respect and admiration.

Lord Rees said: "Stephen's "eureka moment" revealed a profound and unexpected link between gravity and quantum theory".

This stream of energy radiated by black holes was later named Hawking radiation, after he described it in a 1974 paper titled "Black Hole Explosions?"

During his second visit to SNOLAB, in 2012, Hawking spoke of the need for physics to be accessible to ordinary people.

In August 2015, Hawkings proposed the theories on Black Holes where he stated that information about the physical state of the object is stored in 2D form within an outer boundary known as the "event horizon and has the possibility to release the information into another universe".

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