Facebook Bug Unblocks People on 800K+ Accounts

Ruben Fields
July 3, 2018

Facebook replied, by saying that blocked lists comes under "associations", which are stored in pairs. At least unless you say otherwise. And while someone who was unblocked would have been able to contact via Facebook Messenger the person who'd blocked them, Facebook noted that most people affected did not have this happen to more than one user they'd blocked. Those who were unblocked could not see content that a user shared with their friends, but they could see "things posted to a wider audience", Facebook said, such as photos shared with friends of friends.

ANOTHER FACEBOOK FOIBLE has reared its head, this time in the form of a big that quietly unblocked blocked users so they could see the content and posts from their, er, blockers.

Mind you, they couldn't see private posts, or posts you'd only shared with your friends.

"We know that the ability to block someone is important - and we'd like to apologise".

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Apparently, the bug did not cause unblocked users to become friend with the users who had blocked them even if they were friends before getting blocked. Users will be notified if the bug was linked to their accounts and will receive a Facebook notification "encouraging them to check their blocked list", the company said. The Cambridge Analytica scandal, which unfolded in March, affected more than 8.7 crore users.

Facebook says the bug is now fixed, all previously blocked users are now blocked again, and those affected will be hearing from Facebook with an encouragement to check their block list.

When Mashable reached out for more information on the bug, a Facebook representative informed us that the bug was random and global, affecting users from all over.

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