Heat and humidity before a big change

Grant Boone
July 4, 2018

Sunday marks the second day in a row over 90 degrees and meteorologists expect Monday to have the same high temperatures, which would make it officially a heat wave. When it does get to 90 degrees this afternoon, it will be the 5th consecutive day of 90 plus degree heat here in CT, and we're not quite done with the heat yet. While many towns will remain dry, where storms do pop up, rain could be heavy and accompanied by frequent lightning. Highs may again drift into the low 90s, but showers and storms in the afternoon and evening may keep numbers down just a little.

Thunderstorms become more likely on Friday night and could linger into Saturday morning before clearing out on Saturday afternoon.

Temps come way down on Friday with even cooler air for the weekend.

Take care of your dog's paws: Asphalt and sidewalks are hotter than grass, and dogs' paw pads are highly sensitive to heat.

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Philadelphia, which hit 92 degrees on Sunday with a heat index of 105, similarly sounded the alarm to its residents and visitors about the risky heat. We'll see highs climb into the mid-90s Wednesday, with heat indices back in the 100s.

The longest heat waves on record in CT lasted a total of 10 days. Temperatures will soar into the 90s in the Northeast.

A heat warning means that a prolonged period of dangerously high temperatures will occur and cautions people against participating in strenuous outdoor activity - especially during midday hours - and to drink plenty of water. Both Saturday and Sunday will be sunny with a slight drop in humidity.

The prolonged heat forecast prompted a special warning Sunday from the Maine Department of Environmental Protection's Air Quality Bureau. Canadian high pressure and a dip in the jet stream should then build in for the remainder of next weekend, bringing a return to more tolerable high temperatures in the upper 80s and lowering humidity values.

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