White House aides drafting WTO bill called it the FART Act

Daniel Fowler
July 4, 2018

However, if China were to implement their tariffs at midnight on July 6, it would still be July 5 in Washington.

However, the 12-hour time difference puts Beijing ahead in terms of actually implementing the tariffs.

Responding to questions over a safety warning to Chinese citizens traveling to the United States issued by the government late last week, Lu, the foreign ministry spokesman, said the government was merely fulfilling its duty to warn travelers of "potential dangers".

The EU and China said on Friday (1 June) they would expand trade and investment cooperation amid the global trade dispute triggered by United States tariffs.

'WTO has its flaws, but the 'United States Fair and Reciprocal Tariff Act, ' aka the U.S. FART Act, stinks.

Despite the fun everyone seems to be having with the U.S. FART Act, it's unlikely that any plan to expand Trump's tariff authority would be approved by Congress.

Washington is due to start charging tariffs on $34 billion in Chinese imports as of Friday while Beijing has pledged to retaliate with equal tariffs on $34 billion in US goods.

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The United States has "a big disadvantage with the WTO".

The act would allow Trump to ignore the WTO's "most favored nation" principle, which stops countries trading on different terms with different trading partners unless they have a formal trade agreement, Axios said.

Chinese state media has promoted the message that the European Union is on China's side, officials said, putting the bloc in a delicate position.

"It has frequently waged wars against other sovereign countries and made use of the dominant influence of the U.S. dollar in the worldwide markets to fleece other countries".

The list of Chinese products targeted with USA tariffs include vaping devices, rare earth metals and LED light bulbs.

But he added that at a high level China-EU economic dialogue in Beijing last week both sides had agreed to oppose unilateralism and trade and investment protectionism.

"Counterstrike is major economies' first reaction to Washington's trade war", it said in its editorial.

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