Why are some Samsung phones texting random photos to contacts?

Ruben Fields
July 4, 2018

Their owners say that Samsung Messages, the default texting app for Galaxy devices, pushed photos and scheduled texts to random contacts, but left no record of the messages being sent. The only way people know this is happening, is once they receive a response from the recipient of the message sent.

Some Samsung smartphone users have reported that their devices randomly sent photos to their contacts without their knowledge and without a trace.

Samsung has confirmed that it is aware of the reports, and a spokesperson said in a statement that the company is looking into whether there's root cause.

Samsung is encouraging those experiencing this issue to call the company directly at 1-800-SAMSUNG.

The problem was first reported by Gizmodo, and users have pointed out how their Samsung phone sent all photos from the phone's gallery to other users. Go to the settings menu that handles apps' permissions and deny Samsung Messages' access to your storage.

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In all cases, it appears the photos were sent to people on the phone owners' contacts list.

People say this has happened on Galaxy S-9, S-9 Plus, and Note 8 phones.

The other option is to switch to a different texting app like Android Messages or Textra, which don't seem effected by whatever is plaguing Samsung's texting app (so far).

'However, there was record of it on TMobile logs. The update was meant to improve its capabilities by switching from the existing SMS protocol to the more capable RCS (Rich Communication Services). However, T-Mobile told Gizmodo that the whole thing is "not a T-Mobile issue". The working theory is that this error is something to do with the RCS profile updates that have been rolling out on United States carriers. A Reddit user expressed their concern by saying "This sounds like a nightmare for me as I have lots and lots of clients in my phone".

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