Fortnite Confirms Playground Mode Will Be Permanent, Not a Limited Time Mode

Ruben Fields
July 7, 2018

Playground, which allows players up to one hour in a relatively casual environment, will become a permanent game mode in Fortnite: Battle Royale, according to the game's official Twitch account. Today Epic announced that the Playground will stay open until July 12-right when Fortnite Season 5 kicks off-at which point it will be taken down and reworked for a future LTM release. The company warns that Playground LTM will be disappearing on July 12 for additional work. The mode, as we know it, is described as the "first step into what a full creative mode looks like in Fortnite", so expect to see a whole lot more creativity spilling out in the future as players are given more and more tools to play around with.

Don't worry though - Epic Games know they have a hit on their hands.

After an unexpected delay, Epic relaunched Fortnite's Playground Mode earlier this week. There's also much more loot to find, and it affords opportunities to screw around with the game that you could not in a regular match.

After some technical difficulties, Playground Mode went live in Fortnite a few days ago, and was met with general enthusiasm from the community.

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Although there's no fixed date for when Playgrounds will return, Epic has detailed a bunch of changes for the next version.

The next version of Playground is expected to feature new functionality that will allow players to select teams from within Playground.

In Fortnite Playground v2, Epic Games is hoping to give players the ability to choose teams, in groups of 1v1 or 2v2.

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