Trudeau spars with Ontario leader over asylum seekers

Clay Curtis
July 9, 2018

Emerging from the meeting alone, Trudeau suggested Ford may not fully understand Canada's worldwide obligations when it comes to asylum seekers.

"We have to provide due process for people according (to) Canadian law and values", Trudeau said.

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Press Secretary to the Prime Minister of Ontario Doug Ford said Thursday, July 5, that the Federal government has pushed people to the illegal penetration in Canada and continues to encourage those passing through the border between the US and Quebec, arriving in Ontario.

"At many announcements in front of media, and at rallies in front of thousands of people, Premier Doug Ford was clear Dr. Rueben Devlin would play an essential advisory role in ending hallway health care in Ontario", Ford's office said in a statement Friday. "The City of Toronto has been clear that we need assistance to deal with unprecedented numbers of refugee claimants and asylum seekers".

Monica Boyd, a University of Toronto sociology professor who studies immigration, said the issue has always been a point of conflict between the federal government and the provinces and this is just the latest example.

Tory has said that the cost of providing shelter and social supports to the refugee claimants will reach $64.5 million by the end of 2018 and has called on Ottawa to reimburse the city for that money.

He said the federal government hopes to create an "orderly system" to move refugees out of cities to other places.

All smiles for the cameras as Prime Minister Trudeau travelled to Toronto to meet the newly installed Ontario Premier Doug Ford. "We're working with Toronto to make sure that we have a plan in place to deal with that situation".

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At a meeting with Trudeau on Thursday, Ford wanted to know why Canada had not refused the immigrants entry to the country.

"What I am saying to the federal government is you have resources and you have assets in the City of Toronto and you are going to need to use those".

"Illegal border crossers are not following these rules and the federal government is not enforcing them", MacLeod said Friday.

The province has already committed $3 million to the Red Cross and offered up the 800 spaces that these people now occupy in college dorms, she said.

Neither leader said whether contingency plans were being put in place to deal with the 800 refugee claimants now housed in two college dorms that will have no place to go as of August 9.

"Can be a number of things about which our opinions differ, but there is one thing about which the Prime Minister agree", - said Ford.

"When you're playing up divisions and fear, you're playing a very risky, short-term game", he said. "We are going to be a compassionate government but there is a capacity issue around that".

"We need Ontario to be part of the solution", he said.

Critics said the appointment raises red flags about the future of health care in the province.

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