Planned Parenthood Protests Brett Kavanaugh's Nomination In Front Of Florida's Supreme Court

Katie Ramirez
July 13, 2018

Brian Fallon believes Democrats shouldn't "reserve judgment" when it comes to opposing President Donald Trump's Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh.

Trump on Monday nominated District of Columbia Court of Appeals Judge Brett Kavanaugh to fill the impending vacancy of retiring Justice Anthony Kennedy on the high court. Susan Collins (R-ME) signaled she's not opposed to Kavanaugh.

On Wednesday, the former press secretary for Hillary Clinton's 2016 campaign told ABC's Powerhouse Politics podcast hosts Jonathan Karl and Rick Klein that "there's more than a million pages of documents" from Kavanaugh's time working under President George W. Bush.

"The President vowed to appoint judges to the Supreme Court who would overturn Roe v. Wade, and I can not support a nominee for a lifetime appointment who would turn back the clock on a woman's constitutional right and freedom to make her own health care choices, including access to birth control", Baldwin's statement said.

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While Republicans reaffirmed their intention to process the nomination well ahead of the November midterm elections, Democrats argued Kavanaugh's record deserves painstaking scrutiny that must not be rushed.

"In law school I learned that no person is above the law".

"This appointee will likely rule on whether businesses have a license to discriminate against the LGBTQ community, on President Trump's ban on transgender service members in the military", Maurer said. His financial disclosures reveal that his assets are worth between $15,000 to $65,000, placing him at the lowest amongst Supreme Court Justices in terms of net worth - or about 10 times less than Justice Clarence Thomas, who now holds the title. "And particularly because Judge Kavanaugh has spoken out in speeches and made rulings against the ACA". "Abortion is a right I feel must not go away, and I feel like people aren't mobilizing so much because it's so complicated and it's hard to understand". "I have every confidence that this man is going to be confirmed, as he well should be". "The majority's decision represents a radical extension of the Supreme Court's abortion jurisprudence", he said in his dissent. Republicans, meanwhile, hope centrist Democrats running for re-election in conservative-leaning states will back Kavanaugh.

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