Stormy Daniels Arrested At Ohio Strip Club

Clay Curtis
July 13, 2018

According to an arrest affidavit cited by the New York Times, Daniels was dancing topless at the club when she pressed patrons' faces into her chest, fondled the breasts of some women in the audience and performed similar acts on three police officers who were at the establishment.

Stormy Daniels was arrested Wednesday night in OH during a stage performance at a strip club for allegedly illegally touching a patron of the club, and she's been riding high on Twitter ever since.

She was booked under a 10-year-old state law known as the Community Defense Act that says dancers at "sexually oriented" businesses are prohibited from touching customers and vice versa. According to a tweet from Stormy's laywer, Michael Avenatti, she has been charged with three misdemeanors, all of which Stormy will plead "not guilty to".

Daniels has said Trump's personal attorney Michael Cohen paid her the $130,000.

The article quoted the Franklin County Sheriff's office as saying in the decade since the law was enacted, it had never had "any complaints or reasons to apply" it.

Saddened to hear the other 2 dancers arrested with me last night did not have their charges dropped.

According to OH law, "No patron who is not a member of the employee's immediate family shall knowingly touch any employee while that employee is nude or seminude or touch the clothing of any employee while that employee is nude or seminude".

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He said Daniels was arrested for allegedly allowing a customer to touch her in a non-sexual way while on stage. Daniels danced on stage at the Siren Club but what she didn't know was that four vice squad cops, working undercover, were in the audience, watching her every move.

"Are you kidding me?" he asked. "There has to be higher priorities!", he added.

"They are devoting law enforcement resources to sting operations for this?"

Avenatti said Clifford wouldn't be performing at Sirens as scheduled Thursday night, even with the charges being dropped.

Avenatti said it was "ridiculous" that Columbus Police forced Daniels on a perp walk for the cameras at Jackson Pike Correctional Facility and police could instead focus on Columbus's skyrocketing murder rate.

Daniels has filed two lawsuits against Trump, one to get out of a non-disclosure agreement she had signed in October 2016 ahead of the November presidential election in exchange for the $130,000, and another for defamation. Trump has denied it.

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