South Dakota is best state for retirement while NY ranks worst

Grant Boone
July 14, 2018

The study looked at seven categories including cost of living, taxes, healthcare quality, weather, crime, cultural vitality, and well-being. That is according to a new report.

The best state to retire in is South Dakota according to the study, followed by Utah, Idaho, New Hampshire and the ever-popular retirement haven, Florida.

'Don't think about retirement as something separate and apart (from what you want now),' he said. It was also the top state for well-being, based on Gallup's 2017 data on the subject. Gallup's State of American Well-Being series enlists more than 2.5 million surveys to judge how people feel about five aspects of their lives: objective (a reason to get up in the morning), social (loving and meaningful relationships), financial (lack of money stress), community (love where you live) and physical (good health).

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"They savor their day-to-day lives, feel financially secure and have a strong sense of community", said Tepper.

New Jersey was ranked the worst in taxes and near the bottom, at No. 42, for cost of living.

The Big Apple ranks at the bottom in cost of living and second to last in taxes, making it the worst state to retire in the U.S. It did pretty well in the crime and culture rankings, but cold winters and sky-high rents in places like New York City apparently make it an unappealing retirement spot. All of these categories then factor into a final ranking out of 50.

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