Sprint is excited to announce that it’s making its mobile plan worse

Ruben Fields
July 14, 2018

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If you find those restrictions too limited for an unlimited plan, you can try the more expensive Unlimited Plus plan. Global roaming for text and data is free for 185 destinations - travelers to Canada and Mexico will get unlimited talk, text and data with up to 5GB of LTE speeds. However, with the Unlimited Freedom plan making way for Unlimited Basic and Plus, that offer ends today (July 12).

To be clear, Sprint's pricing now largely lines up with T-Mobile's Unlimited One plan, which provides one line of service for $70 per month and four lines of service for $160 per month. You get subscriptions to Hulu and Tidal for your troubles as well, which helps sweeten the pot a little. But here we are, with a press release on Sprint's Newsroom blog announcing some big changes to its "unlimited" plan. Music and gaming are throttled to 500Kbps and 2Mbps, respectively. No matter which one you choose, both new unlimited plans still come with Hulu.

The renamed Unlimited Basic plan is still $60 a month.

However, that promotional price is scheduled to rise in a year's time to $160 per month for four lines. Even if you bring your own devices, that $32 per-line cost remains the same, so no discount there.

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A new "unlimited plus" plan most resembles the carrier's current one, with subscribers allowed to use up to 15 GB monthly before experiencing slowed download speeds, receiving HD-quality streaming video, and getting free Hulu and Tidal subscriptions. That's also true when roaming in Canada and Mexico.

$50/mo for line 1, $30/mo for line 2 and $10/mo/line for lines 3 - 5. It's just a shame that unlimited plans, which were supposed to simplify the wireless industry, have done anything but.

Sprint says families will be able to mix and match its new unlimited plans, opting for either Basic or Plus on different lines. And Sprint's 4G LTE network is the most improved in the USA with national average download speeds up 30.9 percent year-over-year, more than any other national carrier.6 Sprint is making its largest network investment in years and its Next-Gen Network build is well underway.

The new Unlimited Basic plan is far inferior to the existing $60 Unlimited Freedom plan. "We're offering unbeatable value on our award-winning network".

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