The Fortnite Birthday Challenges are broken

Ruben Fields
July 27, 2018

Deal 1,000 damage to opponents - Unlocks the Fortnite Birthday!

Fortnite is celebrating its first birthday in this weeks update and it includes some new challenges for players to complete. On July 25, all versions of the game including the Switch version will have Playground mode.

But we know what you're really here for: all of the birthday loot, including a new emote, skin, spray, and Backbling. The company has updated Fortnite with birthday-themed cosmetics unlocked by completing specific challenges meant to mark the occasion.

Fortnite "Founders" will be rewarded with new outfits in the "Battle Royale" portion of the game for their dedication to the title. There is also cake scattered around the world in both Save the World and Battle Royale mode, which is a consumable that gives the player +5 health and +5 shield. Each one is marked, and all you need to do is dance in front of them using what awful moves you see fit.

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While Remote Explosives will be on the sidelines for the moment, Fortnite fans still have a slew of fresh weaponry with which to get acquainted, as Epic Games has expanded the in-game armory by adding the new Compact SMG. The re-release, which we'll dub Fortnite Playground Mode V2, has plenty of changes that you need to get your teeth into, so why not check out our full patch notes before the LTM's release? The limited time mode will now allow players the opportunity to switch teams in-game and practice either with or against each other. However, seeing as the PVE will be going free-to-play at some point in the future, you may be better off just saving your money. Come create, train and play with your friends.

There'll be pieces of birthday cake scattered around the map in Battle Royale mode.

Epic Games has hit another Fortnite revenue milestone with Fortnite season 5.

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