White House Repeatedly Refuses To Say Journos Aren't 'Enemy Of The People'

Clay Curtis
August 3, 2018

Alia Ghanem, the mother of Osama Bin Laden has revealed her anguish at the way her son's life turned out.

Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats said Thursday that Russian Federation is continuing to pursue its efforts to interfere in the USA political system and said President Donald Trump has "specifically directed" the United States intelligence community to make countering election interference a top priority.

Mrs Ghanem said that two of her son's wives, one of whom was with him when he was killed, have been allowed back in Saudi Arabia with their children.

"After each live shot, @Acosta would walk down and politely talk to the people who just heckled him", tweeted WFTV Orlando reporter Christopher Heath.

Ghanem, who is in her 70s, revealed that her son became a "different man" and that it never crossed her mind that her "shy" and "pious" son would go on to become a jihadist capable of carrying out the devastating attacks that killed thousands of people in NY in 2001.

"Everyone who met him in the early days respected him. You can call it a cult", Ghanem told Chulov. It's a safe bet things are only going to get worse between journalists and the White House and some of Trump's supporters before - if - they get better.

However, Osama's half-brother Ahmad said that their mother was still in denial as she still loved her son. And because it is inevitable that media outlets all competing to find the most compelling dirt on Trump will make some mistakes, it allows Trump's "Fake News!" canard (which really means "news that is at least mostly true that I don't want you to believe") to gain traction as a substance-free weapon against all attacks. In a new interview, she questioned why he wanted to "throw it all away".

Usama bin Laden's brother has pleaded with the Al Qaeda founder's son Hamza not to follow in his infamous father's footsteps.

Trump echoes Giuliani defense: 'Collusion is not a crime'
The Washington Post reported in July 2017 that some of Trump's lawyers were exploring ways to limit or undercut Mueller's probe. But "one person who's apparently not anxious about Robert Mueller's investigation is Donald Trump ", he said .

"We thought everyone was over this", Hassan told the Guardian. "She loved him so much and refuses to blame him".

Sanders instead spoke about how she had been unfairly targeted by the media.

Speaking for the first time, she told the Guardian that he was brainwashed at university. Are we to take it from what you just said, we all get put through the ringer, we all get put through the meat grinder in this town and you're not an exception, and I'm sorry that happened to you.

He said: "It was a very odd feeling". "And I think that means that as journalists you have to continue to do so". Don't retake the steps of your father.

"... We knew from the beginning (that it was Osama), within the first 48 hours".

He admits that all Osama's siblings felt ashamed of his actions and knew they were going to face disgusting consequences for his actions. "Our family overseas all came back to Saudi", he added. "You are entering disgusting parts of your soul".

"I'm exhausted of this", an emotional Acosta said.

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