NBA, USA Basketball Blindsided By NCAA's Proposed 'Elite' Prospect Rule

Tanya Simon
August 9, 2018

The NCAA announced several new policies and rules today, including that players will now be allowed to return to school if they declare for the National Basketball Association draft but are not selected.

All player-agent relationships, however, must be in writing, disclosed to the NCAA and ended when the player comes back to school.

High school and college basketball players can also have agents.

In repsonse to the recommendations issued in April from the Commission on College Basketball, the NCAA's Board of Governors and Division I Board of Directors are implementing changes to provide student-athletes more freedom and flexibilty to decide about going pro and minimize the leverage of outside influences on high school recruits and college athletes. Multiple reporters began relaying information about the policy, which allows players to hire an agent, go through the draft process and combine, and return to school if they go undrafted. "We're not in a position to try to say who gets an agent and who does not'". "It's just dumb. The market would be set".

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"The September 2017 announcement of a federal investigation into fraud in college basketball recruiting made it clear the NCAA needed to make significant changes - and do so quickly", the NCAA wrote on it's website. The NCAA is establishing a fund to assist schools in this endeavor. Coaches and athletics staff must now also report any income over $600 from a source outside the school, such as an apparel company.

Schools found to be in violation of NCAA rules face stricter penalties, including longer postseason bans (up to five years), coach suspensions (potentially beyond one season), employment limitations, recruiting restrictions and loss of revenue from basketball.

As these rule changes pertain directly to the Longhorns, this could impact the program in a few areas. "It's on us to restore the integrity of college basketball and continue to improve the interests of all student-athletes". It's a bunch of people sitting in a room who have never dealt with the problems.

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