IPhone X Beat Samsung's new Galaxy Note 9 in benchmark tests

Ruben Fields
August 11, 2018

It is powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 845 processor. With an extra 512GB SD card, users can expand the storage to 1TB. It remembers things and is more conversational. You also get a better and more efficient Bixby Assistant. Customers who pre-order the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 on Airtel Online Store can avail a special offer price of Rs 4999 on the Gear Sport on Samsung website. It's only a 0.2-inch difference, but more screen real estate is more screen real estate.

Customers buying the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 via the PayTM mall will receive a cashback of ₹6,000.

With the Note 9, Samsung is doing a friendly form of price-gouging.

"Global Premium smartphone market contributes to nearly one fifth of the total smartphone market and the Note series is likely to do well in the segment", said Tarun Pathak, Associate Director at Counterpoint Research. When initially introduced it was only used for drawing and writing primarily, but now it will give you even more control over your Note 9. "But it isn't likely to get people to consider the Note for the very first time". This time around, as previously rumoured, Samsung has equipped a Bluetooth capable S Pen.

This simple S Pen capability eliminates the need for camera timers that you need to keep running back to in order to check if it actually took the picture you wanted. You'll be able to use the pen as a presentation clicker, long-press to launch an app of your choice, and set specific actions inside each app. Lest you worry about battery life being an issue, a full, 30-minute charge takes just one minute docked in the Note 9.

$22bn investment and 40,000 jobs - Samsung's new technology pathway
Lee kept a low profile after his release in February but has been emerging in his public role in recent weeks. The new strategy will entail an overhaul of Samsung's internal venture incubation program, said the company.

It seems the global tech giant is counting on a major partnership with the world's most popular video game to ensure that parents are nagged into dropping almost $2000 on their shiny new toy.

Out of the box, Android phones are perfectly secure enough for consumers. Around the front, meanwhile, there's an 8MP camera for selfies, while the same AR Emoji technology we've seen before is on hand for when you want to have a little fun. Samsung says its Water/Carbon Fiber cooling system has been optimized for gaming. At first glance, the Galaxy Note 9 seems like a Galaxy S9 Plus with a few extra bells ... Cases also let your employees personalize their phones, which is a great way to tell everyone's phone apart.

Since then, Samsung has subjected its phones to multiple inspections, including X-rays and stress tests at extreme temperatures. The biggest reservation that most businesses will have is the speed of updates. In all honesty, these are the areas which have changed least since the Note 8. Will the Note 9 be different?

However, now that the event is over, we know that these speculations were dead-on.

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