Omarosa shares tape of Trump's reaction to her being fired

Brenda Watkins
August 13, 2018

Omarosa Manigault Newman, a fired White House staffer and ex-contestant on The Apprentice, has claimed to have personally heard a tape of U.S. President Donald Trump dropping the N-word in conversation.

Manigault Newman said she recorded the phone call with Trump a day after she was sacked by Kelly in December 2017. "And as we heard on the recording that you just played, he doesn't even know what's happening in his White House".

On the tape, which Manigault Newman said was recorded in the Situation Room, Kelly can be heard citing "some pretty serious integrity violations" as the reason for her dismissal, and telling Manigault Newman that his decision was not negotiable.

When Guthrie asked Manigault Newman if Trump "lies often" - to which she replied "absolutely" - and continued with follow-up questions about why she continued to work with him, Mangault Newman told her to slow down.

Responding to Trump's tweets on NBC, Omarosa said: "I think it's sad that with all the things that's going on in the country that he would take time out to insult me and to insult my intelligence".

The former reality star and ousted White House staffer will release her book, "Unhinged: An Insider's Account of the Trump White House on" on August 14. "I, I, Nobody even told me about it", Donald said, allegedly.

In a sit-down interview after the release of her new audio, Manigault Newman took on a defensive posture, fashioning herself as a whistleblower and warning her former White House colleagues "they should be concerned" about revelations still to come out of her book and media tour.

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She claimed that the White House destroyed some of her personal belongings that they still had possession of. She will also appear Monday morning on NBC's "Today". But she told Chuck Todd on Sunday that she later was able to hear a recording of Trump.

Republican National Committee chair Ronna McDaniel suggested that Manigault Newman should be prosecuted if she's found to have broken any federal laws for recording a conversation in the Situation Room. Ms. Manigault Newman also described being in the Situation Room as "false imprisonment", because she claimed the staff held her there for hours without counsel or her husband.

"If I didn't have these recordings, no one in America would believe me", she said.

She added she has "no regret about it". Instead, Newman campaigned heavily for the man who brought her into the spotlight, thus convincing some Americans that a Trump presidency could not be as harmful as some feared.

Some security experts are concerned the recordings could have compromised national security. Pretty much every thing she writes about her former boss and race confirm what most black Americans already believe about the man who arguably built his political career on attacking the first black USA president.

Few have been a member of Donald Trump's inner orbit longer than Omarosa Manigault Newman. "I just I've never talked, had a chance to talk to you general Kelly so if this is my departure I'd like to have at least an opportunity to understand".

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