NVIDIA Unveils Quadro RTX, Ray-Tracing GPU

Ruben Fields
August 16, 2018

"This is a historic moment", Huang said. Thanks to this performance, the AI features can create applications with new capabilities.

However, "there has been one enormous roadblock, one as fundamental as can be - the simulation of light". We'll be watching for more details as they arise. "These technologies include variable-rate shading, texture-space shading, and multi-view rendering, which provide for more fluid interactivity with large models and scenes and improved VR experiences". He estimated it would take a Cray supercomputer behind every single pixel for real-time ray tracing.

NVIDIA HAS REVEALED its first suite of Turing GPUs capable of powering ray-tracing, the next big step in realistic graphics. Utilizing NVLink to connect two RTX 8000 cards though gets you up to 96 GB with up-to 100 GB/s data transfer. Hybrid rendering enables cinematic-quality interactive experiences, fantastic new effects powered by neural networks and fluid interactivity on highly complex models. Deep learning on your ray-tracing to put it simply.

As to what specific kinds of applications we might see getting built off Nvidia's new GPUs, Peddie said the impact would be widespread, covering everything from acoustics to medical diagnosis and even astrophysics. Nvidia's previous Pascal processor has 11.8 billion transistors.

Nvidia (NVDA) unveiled its eighth generation Turning graphic chip at the SIGGRAPH conference in Vancouver.

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Nvidia says Turing can render graphics 6x faster than its Pascal-based chips.

Software-wise, Turing includes a plug-in architecture for deep learning and offers interoperability between rasterisation, ray tracing, compute and AI. Nvidia launched a new series of high-performance GPUs that greatly reduce the processing time for animation rendering from hours down to near real-time, according to company officials.

Founder and CEO of Nvidia, Jensen Huang said in a statement that, "Turing is Nvidia's most vital advancement in PC graphics in over 10 years". Also announced was the Quadro RTX Server, a reference architecture for highly configurable, on-demand rendering and virtual workstation solutions from the datacenter. "This will completely change how our artists work".

The Quadro RTX 5000, 6000 and 8000 won't be cheap though. On the other hand, the mid-range Quadro RTX 6000 features a 24GB of GDDR6 memory, 4,608 CUDA cores, and 576 Tensor cores and comes enabled with a ray tracing speed of 10 Giga rays/second. They are expected to be available from Q4, and will also be integrated into professional workstations from manufacturers like HP, Lenovo and Dell.

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