Elon Musk's Boring Company pitches underground tunnel to Dodger Stadium

Tanya Simon
August 17, 2018

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has faced a rough week since announcing his plans to take Tesla private.

Dubbed the Dugout Loop, the company boasts the proposed high-speed rail will transport up to 16 passengers at a time at speeds as high as 150 miles per hour - all with zero emissions and "zero taxpayer dollars". On Wednesday, it announced plans to build what it's calling the Dugout Loop, "a zero-emissions, high-speed, underground public transportation system" that will whisk fans to the stadium from one of three Red Line Metro stations in less than four minutes.

The underground line is the latest eye-opening - or eye-rolling - concept introduced by Musk's The Boring Company. The route's eastern terminus would be on Dodger Stadium property, and the western terminus would be on property purchased by the Boring Company. If you ask Elon Musk, it's simple: Dig a tunnel.

"This not only will solve traffic issues to and from the stadium, but it will give an economic boost to places around Dodger Stadium", Garcetti told ESPN.

Passengers will be able to reserve a spot on a skate via an app (sort of like how you might reserve a movie ticket), and a one-way trip on the Dugout Loop will cost around $1.

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Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles is tucked between a park and a freeway, and the surrounding area suffers from traffic jams during events. The company estimates that construction of the required underground tunnel and two loop lifts will take no more than 14 months, but "likely much less". The company also promised to have no "above-ground disruption" during construction.

First, it doesn't need to worry about raising funds for the Dugout Loop - the company plans to pay for the project on its own. Rides will be reserved in advance, like a movie theater booking. It is now undertaking environmental studies under the California Environmental Quality Act and plans a public scoping meeting on the project at Dodger Stadium at the end of August.

The company is now working on an Environmental Impact Report (EIR), as required by the City of Los Angeles.

Musk's aptly named Boring Co. will dig a 3.6-mile tunnel to the stadium, which fans have notoriously found hard to access.

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