Trump dismisses Woodward book as 'joke'

Clay Curtis
September 11, 2018

The White House on Monday said that the latest book by renowned journalist Bob Woodward is "reckless" and makes "outrageous" claims which have been refuted by the top United States administration officials.

Bob Woodward's book, Fear: Trump In The White House, will be available in U.S. bookshops on Tuesday after a week of excerpts, leaks and interviews that portray the president as dangerously erratic and uninformed.

"I think you buried the lede", he told Woodward.

"This book does not accurately portray my experience at the White House".

More recently, Trump has accused Woodward of fabricating quotes and questioned whether USA libel laws could be changed so that people who believe they have been wronged would be in a better position to seek "retribution".

Woodward's latest work, Fear: Trump in the White House, paints a portrait of Trump as uninformed and mercurial.

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Trump Jr. acknowledged that Republicans will struggle to maintain control of Congress in the midterms with a Republican in the White House, saying Democrats would take the House if the election follows precedent. The Atlantic reported a year ago that within hours of the tape becoming public, Pence had made it clear to the Republican National Committee that he was ready to take Trump's place as the party's nominee.

The anonymous author said that similar-minded officials within the administration are "trying to do what's right even when Donald Trump won't". Coming only one year into Woodward's tenure at the Post, Woodward's reporting on Watergate was marked by its use of anonymous or "deep background" sources such as "Deep Throat".

Today Bob Woodward's book Fear finally hit bookshelves, and two former White House officials have spoken out to take issue with some of what's reported about them. "That's just the Washington denial machine", he said Monday, a familiar formula created to protect their jobs and preserve their relations with their boss.

Trump is quoted in "Fear" brutally insulting members of his own cabinet, referring to Attorney General Jeff Sessions as "mentally retarded" and former chief of staff Reince Priebus as a "little rat". He depicts national security aides rattled by the president's contempt for the worldwide infrastructure in security and trade that had been built since World War II.

"If I did I would not have been elected president". But Trump's attacks may have backfired after the Woodward's publisher said Monday it had reprinted his book an astounding six times before it's even gone on sale to the public. "I think you buried the lead", Colbert scolds Woodward.

Trump Jr. firmly believes the author of the op-ed is someone in the administration who isn't related by blood. According to her arrest warrant, Guyger, who is white, found the door ajar and fired on Jean, who was black, when she saw his silhouette in the dark apartment.

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