How and When to Watch Apple Event Debuting New iPhone

Ruben Fields
September 13, 2018

Not invited to Apple's September 12 iPhone unveiling?

Other analysts have slightly different prices-$699, $969 and $1,069-but all are banking on Apple to raise prices again and deliver more revenue in the year ahead.

Without testing the new iPhone Xs Max out in person it's hard to get a feel for things. And it has the same A12 Bionic processor inside, so will support all the same new features.

The device only has one camera - a 12-pixel wide-angle camera - but Apple added a similar portrait feature found in its dual camera devices, which blurs the background. It also offers improved IP68 water resistance. Meanwhile, the iPhone XS will cost the same as year's iPhone X ($999).

Apple has just announced the new iPhone XS and its bigger brother XS Max. It clocks in with a whopping 6.5-inch display, the largest Apple has ever offered on an iPhone. Even with all this power, iPhone XR lasts up to an hour and a half longer than iPhone 8 Plus. Max has a starting price of $1,099.

The camera on the iPhone XR has had one hell of a shakeup; there's a single camera system, which the company assures is the "best ever".

Face ID is reportedly faster, and both iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max will be available with up to 512 GB of storage.

I used the iPhone X for two months and I got so frustrated by the limitations of Face ID that I switched back to the iPhone 8 - which I had been using for a month before the iPhone X was released. The stock has jumped more than 30 percent this year, making Apple the first public company worth US$1 trillion.

The iPhone Xr model will be available in white, black, blue, yellow, coral and red colors.

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This could be the iPhone that finally persuades the hundreds of millions of people holding on to old iPhones to upgrade.

Apple is a believer in augmented reality technology, and brought on stage NBA Hall-of-Famer Steve Nash to demonstrate why seeing digital images overlaid on the real world is a big deal.

This one will cost more than most laptops and sting you for over $2000.

The importance of these new iPhones to Apple and AAPL shareholders can't be understated.

But the reaction so far isn't as heated as it was when Apple announced it was doing away with the headphone jack back in 2017.

Actually, this is Apple's priciest iPhone yet. New technology in the form of the iPhone's True Depth cameras delayed the launch to November. It also allows for an iPhone first: a 512GB memory disk. The shares slipped 1.2 per cent in NY. Outwardly, it will look a lot like the iPhone X but will get a processor and memory boost.

We'll find out soon.

The best way to pre-order the iPhone Xr is to set up the Apple Store iOS app, as it's much faster and easier to check out versus using Apple's website.

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