Missy Elliott and her 'funky white sister' rapped together and we're crying

Brenda Watkins
September 14, 2018

Ellen DeGeneres has a reputation for bringing viral sensations onto her show and connecting them with celebrities.

Over the summer, Mary went viral with a karaoke version of the hip-hop track, and when Missy spotted the footage, she posted the video to social media, calling Mary her "funky white sister". Halsey then dropped a performance for the show's studio audience - and received some surprise help from Missy herself.

'Ellen has always used her platform to make others dreams come true like Mary Halsey, who I must say is one of the sweetest souls I've met!' Though Halsey was starstruck, she quickly regained her composure and finished the song with Elliott's arm around her.

Even though Mary admitted that she had been singing this song for 17 years, she only recently gained attention when she was singing at Rhode Island's Goddard Park karaoke competition. "The reaction that I got was so positive that it became my go-to song".

Elliott later saw the video and declared Halsey to be her "funky white sister". "Everybody wants to hear it". 'She straight killed Work It, sound effects and all.

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Once backstage, Missy introduced Mary to her Instagram followers.

Halsey also revealed the identity of the woman dancing and eating in the background of her viral video.

"Instead of it just being an empty time, I chose to fill it in".

Declaring herself "Missy's funky white sister", Halsey rapped a flawless rendition of the song during a karaoke barbecue.

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