Eminem Says This Homophobic Diss Against Tyler, the Creator Went 'Too Far'

Brenda Watkins
September 15, 2018

Eminem is, once again, addressing allegations of homophobia after he included anti-LGBTQ language on his latest album.

Eminem says he went too far on his song, "Fall", when he said, "Tyler create nothin', I see why you called yourself a f--t, bitch".

The inclusion of the homophobic slur - which is censored on the track, but still intelligible - was heavily criticised on social media, particularly as Tyler's most recent album, "Flower Boy", contains several lyrics perceived by many to be references to the fact he identifies as LGBTQ.

After addressing the song in an interview with Sway, the Detroit legend has finally locked and loaded a proper response with "KILLSHOT".

The "last straw" came when Tyler tweeted that Eminem's song with Beyoncé, Walk on Water, was "horrible". "I had enough money in '02 to burn it in front of you, ho", Em raps. Now, now I'm in this fucking weird thing because I'm like I gotta answer this motherfucker. I realise now, and I realised when I said it, but I wasn't, like, in the mindframe of...

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"I was angry when I said that s- about Tyler", he said. "As Rick is trying to figure out what's the next step, what's the next mission, Negan kind of needles him, but Rick needs to be able to justify, 'This is why I kept you alive, it's so that we can have a future'". He circles back to the line at the end of the song, saying, "Oh, and I'm just playin', Diddy".

"Because in my quest to hurt him, I realize that I was hurting a lot of other people by saying it". So I sat back and I'm like, 'Ok, that's fine, ' people can talk insane about me, that's fine, they should express themselves and they have a right to.

However, he added: "Now I realise people can hear what I'm saying anyways".

On Friday, Eminem clapped back even harder with an entire diss track aimed at MGK called "KILLSHOT".

Tyler, the Creator has yet to respond to Em's public apology.

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