Hurricane Florence prompts Waffle House to activate storm center

Daniel Fowler
September 16, 2018

- It is more than just an old Southern tale that Waffle House tries to remain open no matter what.

As Hurricane Florence, a Category 3 storm, drives toward the East Coast, Waffle House is monitoring the impending unsafe weather by activating its storm center.

Hurricanes are typically measured by pressure, wind, storm surge and damage, but FEMA also uses an unofficial measurement - the "Waffle House Index".

"Waffle House Index" has become a key part of storm preparedness: When a Waffle House closes in the face of an impending storm, that's when you really need to be anxious. The team also asked people to "plan ahead and be safe". The restaurant chain, famous for staying open even through major disasters, seems to have kept the vast majority of its restaurants in operation as the storm approaches.

A representative for Waffle House did not immediately respond to Business Insider's request for comment.

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Here's hoping all the residents of Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, have evacuated the city: Their Waffle House just hit Code Red.

If the diner is only serving a limited menu, it tells FEMA there may be supply or power issues in an area. "The sooner restaurants, grocery and corner stores, or banks can reopen, the sooner local economies will start generating revenue again - signaling a strong recovery for a community". If there were a Waffle House in London during The Blitz that bad boy would have been taking orders for steak and eggs in between bursts of anti-aircraft fire. If Waffle Houses are open and offering a full menu, the index is green.

Waffle House actually has its own "Storm Center", which it activated on Tuesday to monitor Hurricane Florence. If locations in the affected area are forced to close, the index is red - and because Waffle Houses are very prepared, this is the rarest scenario.

In order to remain open during risky conditions, Waffle House plans carefully - and in advance - for each storm. You have not any longer came upon the deplorable stuff but."Waffle Condo spokesman Pat Warner talked about Fugate came up with the check for the length of the 2004 typhoon season in Florida". He told National Public Radio in 2016: "They are open most of the time".

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