It's not just Serena: how umpire Carlos Ramos has clashed with players

Tanya Simon
September 16, 2018

And then before I knew it, I was getting all of this hostile mail and all of that during my last couple of years.

American player Steve Johnson added: "Look, I don't want this to come out the wrong way, but he enforced rules that have been enforced on me over the years". She is right that she has long campaigned for women's rights to equal pay, both in tennis purses and off the court, and for racial and gender equality.

"I have definitely been thinking about if little kids were watching and they wanted to play tennis too", she said. "So how do you take it as anything other than it being because she's a woman?"

So it is easy to understand my deep admiration and respect for her.

"The Pan Pacific is so close and I have to be on a diet for my matches, so maybe afterwards for the ice cream".

"If I say something I can tweet it out right now and the whole world can read it, and you can own that", he said. The judge saw her coach, Patrick Mouratoglou, flashing her signals from the stands, which is a violation whether Williams saw it or not.

Ramos is back in the umpire's chair this weekend when Croatia host the United States in a Davis Cup tie in Zadar and USA captain Jim Courier said of the Williams incident: "It's been polarized and in some ways politicized". Incensed, Serena, in a classic, bold woman act that usually involves pointing a finger and looking at your subject straight in the eye, boldly told the male umpire "I didn't cheat".

"I'm honest, I was coaching. I really wasn't paying attention", Tiafoe said. [Nishikori] even threw the racket in the fourth set.

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The dual Nigerian and British national did not initially comment on the claims, leading to criticism from her opponents.

But for now Osaka is itching to do normal stuff - like catch up with big sister Mari, who is also a professional tennis player, go shopping and eat her favourite matcha ice cream.

The star has always struggled with her identity for years, once saying, "I never know what to do when someone asks me where I'm from, I just say Florida, because saying Japan starts an unnecessary conversation". Why is it okay for them to question umpires when it's not okay for Serena to do the same? She and Mr. Ramos were, in effect, talking past each other.

"This doesn't happen if she's not losing". "I'm just focusing on this tie and working again".

When it comes to the media itself, we've seen plenty of coverage of the fact that women presenters are paid less than men, and that applies in many walks of life.

As a young woman who is trying to wade through the world, I have noted that forthrightness, boldness and confidence in women is not welcome.

Does a double standard exist in Grand Slam officiating? When a woman is visibly angry and dares to show it, she having a "meltdown". Williams was being punished for being a prat, not because she was a woman, or indeed a woman of colour, as some people have suggested.

"Ambitious" is a dirty word when describing a woman. There's a lot of men out here who have said a lot of things.

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