First in-game footage of Fortnite's new Spiky Stadium

Ruben Fields
September 18, 2018

The Limited Time Item is an exciting addition to the game that is available exclusively in the Playground mode and creates a pop-up sports stadium when activated.

Whilst there is no footage of the item in action right now, common logic dictates that the Port-a-Fortress will be a throwable device that opens up into a ready-built battlement for you and your gun-toting buddies. Epic Games explained that they are "inspired by the fantastic things you've been making within Playground", and "cannot wait to see what you create as we continue to build out the future of creative mode in Fortnite". The Port-a-Fort was introduced on April 11 as a way for Fortnite players to quickly defend themselves by throwing a mini ball that expands into a large, metallic base. It also states that players "Toss down the Port-a-Fortress and take defense to new heights", obviously indicating that the Port-A-Fortress will be much beefier and altitudinous than the Port-A-Fort.

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We don't know what the resulting structure will look like once the Port-a-Fortress has been thrown, but judging from that description, it sounds like it might be taller than the one produced by the Port-a-Fort.

However, the background colour of yellow suggests that the new item will be legendary and therefore much rarer in the game. All things considered, though, we will likely see even more items added alongside the Port-a-Fortress, so there could be a new weapon that becomes everyone's favorite soon. However, there is no doubt that this will change in the future when the developer adds a few more items.

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