Marvel's Spider-Man Review Roundup: The Best Superhero Game Ever Released?

Brenda Watkins
September 18, 2018

As production continues for Marvel's Spider-Man: Far From Home in the United Kingdom, a new set video for the film has debuted online (via Reddit/Comic Book), giving us the first look at Nick Fury (Samuel L. Jackson) and Maria Hill's (Cobie Smulders) back for the upcoming Spider-Man sequel.

The theme is illustrated by Marvel alumni Marko Djurdjevic, and is available for free to all Playstation 4 users over on the game's "Countdown to Launch" page.

Growing up, I've played more than my fair share of Spider-Man games - from the Sam Raimi tie-ins to the cel-shaded Ultimate Spider-Man, and even a bit of the okay-ish Spider-Man: Shattered Dimensions. But what I didn't expect from Spider-Man was to come away feeling just as fulfilled to have inhabited the life of Peter Parker. It would feel to redundant if Spider-Man had a "babysitter" for each of his films.

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The simply titled Marvel's Spider-Man allows Peter Parker to freely swing around an open-world NY as his alter ego-to intervene in street crimes, seek out collectibles, and gradually progress through a larger plot that features multiple villains. From a spider's eye in the sky to street-level, the game manages to stay attractive throughout while running smoothly for the most part.

Spider-Man PS4 Combat: What Do the PS4 Gamepad's Buttons Do? Whatever you choose to do, Marvel's Spider-Man Photo Mode appears to be able to accommodate your creative workflow. The gaming history of Spider-Man has been uneven, but this is an wonderful entry in that history. The developer establishes its own Spider-Man with a unique supporting cast and a lovely recreation of NY to play around in. Time will tell what fans really think of the game, but its safe to say Insomniac pulled out all the stops for their first game starring everyone's favorite web-head.

Insomniac has borrowed so much from other great open world and superhero games as well as past stewards of the character that - new white spider super-suit aside - I'm not sure the American studio has quite managed to put its own definitive stamp on the web-slinger. The characters even sometimes reference beloved (and infamous) bits of Spider-Man history, many of which are way too amusing in-context to spoil in a review. "In Marvel's Spider-Man: The Heist, she finally reveals herself". Spider-Man takes advantage of his agility, which lets him pull off those ideal dodges and deadly finishers.

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