Trump Accidentally Tweets That Dems Are Pushing ‘False Acquisitions’ Against Kavanaugh

Brenda Watkins
September 25, 2018

"The discourse around sexual harassment and sexual assault is very different today than it was in 1991 and I think that all of the questioning senators have to walk a very fine line between advocating for the result that they want and recognizing that overt attacks on Dr. Ford are not going to be well received by the public". "This is not consistent with Brett", Ashley told Fox News' Martha MacCallum on September 24.

MacCallum, a veteran Fox host, notably defender Fox's late chief executive, Roger Ailes, against claims from multiple women that he sexually harassed them.

Blasey Ford will testify before the Senate Thursday regarding her allegations.

On Twitter Monday night, Trump accused Democrats of working hard to destroy a wonderful man. with an array of False Accusations the likes of which have never been seen before! The politically charged hearing has already been criticized by Democrats who are calling for an FBI investigation into Kavanaugh's conduct.

Trump has made clear he won't order an Federal Bureau of Investigation probe.

The lawyer representing Christine Blasey Ford has sent a letter to Senate Judiciary Chairman Chuck Grassley expressing concern over the Republican's hiring of an "experienced sex crimes prosecutor" for Thursday's hearing.

There were no immediate signs that the emergence of a second accuser had fatally wounded Kavanaugh's candidacy. These are smears, pure and simple.

Judge Brett Kavanaugh and his wife, Ashley Kavanaugh, will appear in an unusual - if not unprecedented - interview, in which they'll address allegations of sexual misconduct.

Kavanaugh is a District of Columbia appeals court judge and served as an advisor to former President George W Bush.

Kavanaugh has denied the claims against him and in a Fox News interview Monday, said that he was a virgin in high school and for "many years thereafter" as a defense against the accusations. "I've led a good life". The second woman to accuse Brett Kavanaugh of committing sexual assault more than 30 years ago may not clearly recall what happened, but her story does clarify the ugly politics at play.

"I'm not going to let false accusations drive me out of this process". "Kavanaugh was on top of me while laughing with Judge, who periodically jumped onto Kavanaugh".

'The View' discusses second sexual assault claim against Brett Kavanaugh
Prior to the walkout, dozens of rights groups held a protest in the Senate office buildings, as well as outside the Supreme Court. The judiciary committee that needs to approve Kavanaugh's confirmation has a narrow 11-10 Republican majority, but Sen.

Senate Democrats are now investigating a bombshell claim by Ms Deborah Ramirez, 53, who says Mr Kavanaugh exposed himself to her during a 1980s college party at Yale University, thrust his genitals in her face and caused her to touch them without her consent, according to The New Yorker. A hearing is scheduled for Thursday.

At the Russell Senate Office Building on Monday, scores of anti-Kavanaugh protesters - mostly women - wearing Yale and "Believe Women" shirts, gathered in the building's rotunda.

Several Republican senators pressed for a quick vote after the hearing.

Any new nominee to the Supreme Court will likely not be confirmed in time for the November 6 US midterm elections.

Kavanaugh has denied Ramirez's accusation and labeled it a "smear".

Pushing forward with Kavanaugh has its own risks, besides an embarrassing defeat for Trump and the GOP.

His confirmation by the Republican-controlled Senate had seemed all but assured until allegations of sexual misconduct surfaced last week.

Away from Washington, there were walkouts in support of Ford and Ramirez by dozens of liberal groups.

Ms Ramirez was reluctant at first to speak publicly "partly because her memories contained gaps because she had been drinking at the time of the alleged incident", The New Yorker reported.

The New Yorker was unable to confirm with eyewitnesses that Kavanaugh was at the party Ramirez described, though one classmate who was not at the party said that he is "one-hundred-per-cent sure" he was told Kavanaugh had exposed himself to Ramirez.

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