'House Of Cards' Teaser: Is Claire Being Targeted For Assassination?

Brenda Watkins
September 28, 2018

"It's going to be different for you and me", Claire says in the conclusion of the teaser, as a shot of her standing behind the lectern giving her speech pops up on the screen again. But lest anyone remain doubtful that F.U.is truly dead, here's a new, super-sized trailer showing the fictional former president's funeral and Claire's confirmation that her estranged spouse is long gone.

House of Cards' sixth and final season premieres November 2 on Netflix.

In a voiceover, she can be heard saying: "My first 100 days as President have been hard". 'I lost my husband. Spacey will be absent from the season, with his character being killed off off-screen after allegations of sexual misconduct against him came to light.

And while newly minted POTUS Claire is outwardly devastated, those are crocodile tears running down her mascara-streaked face. "Don't believe a word of it". "The reign of the middle-aged white man is over", hisses Claire at an enemy.

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"The world is either with us or against us", she says.

The teaser then goes on to have various characters utter lines like, "You thought you got away with it all, Claire", and "You sound like a gangster", to Claire.

The new footage also features the return of Machiavellian henchman Doug Stamper, played by Michael Kelly, who previously resigned from his role serving former Frank Underwood during his time as US President in the show.

The trailer also offered a glimpse into Claire's grieving process, and a previous teaser clip saw her visit Frank's grave, which was revealed to be next to his father's in SC.

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