Women under 40 diagnosed with breast cancer face especially tough road

Grant Boone
October 5, 2018

I was interested to read that while breast cancer occurs mainly in women, men can get it too.

"I think of it as a choice because it is a personal decision". Her job is to help patients who have an abnormal mammogram coordinate appointments and bridge the gap between the patients and medical staff.

If cancer running in the family is genetic, there are clues.

"Take some individuals, survivors, take their minds off of maybe what the current situation they're in", said Chuck Spieser, Marketing Manager for Chevy Racing. Hartford HealthCare also works with MSK and has been conducting cancer trials for several years as the charter member of the MSK Cancer Alliance.

President of Breast Friends, a local cancer awareness group, Eunetta Bird said fear seems to be the primary reason behind what she described as an increase in breast cancer, especially among women under 40 years of age.

"Now I have a daughter who has a paternal and maternal aunt that have had breast cancer, so she is fully aware of those statistics that are so important", McCall said.

She confessed: 'The one thing I swear by is moisturiser - and lots of it. We talk about how to be as proactive as possible.

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Research by the International Agency for Research on Cancer has revealed that of the over four thousand cases of breast cancer that will be diagnosed in Ghana this year, about a thousand or more of the patients are at risk of losing their lives.

The vouchers, she said, can be redeemed at BTC cafe in QEH II and expressed KPR's gratitude to Kumpulan BTC Berhad for its generosity in co-sponsoring the assistance. Most likely, the cancer is there but because of the dense breasts, it is missed.

Founded in 2009, In the Pink's mission is to offer cancer patients the products they need all under one roof, educate people and alleviate fear as they endure cancer treatment.

So women will know, 'Hey, I've got to look after my health.

Having these tips handy when you're shopping for bras can make a big difference on how you feel and how you want to express yourself following your breast surgery, says Donofree. Committed to helping its communities enjoy better food and better lives, Stop & Shop has a longstanding history of giving back to the neighborhoods it serves with a focus on fighting hunger and helping children to enjoy a healthy lifestyle. There's a whole team of doctors and social workers that are ready to help when we have to give that bad news.

"Make it positive that they can go through this", Jewell said.

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