Barbie launches doll based on Jodie Whittaker's Doctor Who

Brenda Watkins
October 8, 2018

The first episode of the new series of Doctor Who starring newcomer Jodie Whittaker drew the programme's biggest launch viewing figures in 10 years. See, I wasn't brought up in a house that watched it, but obviously being British, Doctor Who is a part of your vocabulary without even realising it.

Anyone who has been watching the long-running BBC series over the past few years should not find a female Time Lord surprising.

Deadline deemed the premiere one of the "most complete and rewarding" resets for the series since it first appeared in Britain in 1963.

That website was among several devoted to the series that labelled the first episode of the 13th Doctor's reign a success. Those concerned about the change of showrunner can rest assured that we're getting the Chris Chibnall who is coming off three seasons of Broadchurch. Who comes in all "shapes and sizes, genders, sexualities and ethnicities".

Previous actors who have portrayed The Doctor have often been super fans themselves - there's such a wealth of lore and history and heritage attached to the role, so I wanted to discover if Jodie Whittaker came onboard with that kind of relationship too. As usual, she has to think fast, or at least as a regenerating brain can think.

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However, Jim Shelley said Whittaker's Doctor was "relentlessly irritating" and the revamp a tame affair lacking in drama. President Donald Trump and son Donald Jr. have apparently both been anxious about false sexual assault accusations against men from women whom the president has disparaged as "elevator screamers". The new companions were fleshed out to such an extent that a particular shock late in the episode felt genuinely tragic, a feat that is particularly impressive for a script that also had to dump enough Who-lore to pull in new viewers. Who is a woman.

The Thirteenth Doctor has finally landed!

But my favourite change in the show is in the writing.

This new season of Doctor Who wasn't just a major hit within the context of its own franchise, but it was also a monumental victory just in terms of overall BBC viewership. Check out testimonials in the video below to what Whittaker's debut means to fans.

"She encompasses everything The Doctor was and is, and if this episode alone is anything to go by, we hope it is the start of a long tenure in the role", it said. "What is wonderful is the united hood, the united sisterhood, the united Whohood, and the united humanhood that we all can embrace".

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