Limo in deadly NY crash recently failed inspection, governor says

Clay Curtis
October 9, 2018

Investigators are calling Saturday's limo crash in upstate NY the nation's deadliest transportation accident in almost a decade.

A vigil is set to be held in New Amsterdam on Monday night, where the victims were from. We are a big family at the Apple Barrel, and part of the bigger family of Schoharie. He's a Democrat from Amsterdam. Two pedestrians standing nearby also were fatally struck, Fiore added.

Officials worked with the state to outlaw heavy trucks, she said, but there are still accidents.

It's not clear whether the driver was speeding, whether the brakes were working, or whether the passengers were wearing seat belts, said Chris Fiore of the New York State Police.

Within seconds, the limousine lost control, careening through the intersection and hitting an empty auto.

The Gansevoort, New York-based company said it pulled its cars from the road voluntarily.

"What they're here to do at this point is collect the perishable information the information that can go away with the passage of time", he said.

The 19-seater limo ran a stop sign and hit a parked SUV.

Sisters, husbands, newlyweds and parents were among the 20 people killed during Saturday's tragic limo crash in upstate NY.

The brewery trip had been planned to celebrate her niece Amy Steenberg's 30th birthday, Douglas told CBS News.

The fatal accident came just 20 minutes after one of the occupants texted her cousin, saying the limo was "in awful condition".

Investigators plan to examine everything from the mangled limo's data recorders and mechanical systems to the road, which has a history as a danger spot. Four women were killed in that accident due to a side impact of the passenger compartment of the stretch limo - the weakest part of the vehicle.

The vehicle was "not supposed to be on the road", he said. The phone line at Prestige Limousine was disconnected.

Court records show that the Shahed Hussain who owns that motel gained fame in the years after the September 11 attacks for infiltrating Muslim groups for the Federal Bureau of Investigation.

He posed as a terrorist sympathizer in at least three federal investigations. In one case, he helped convict men accused of plotting to bomb NY synagogues.

I just wanted to say Axel Steenburg I love you more than words can say! Stretch limos typically go without these pillars, making a side impact much worse than it ever would be in a vehicle.

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"Karina Halse visited the crash site Monday in Schoharie (skoh-HAYR'-ee) and talked about her 26-year-old sister, Amanda Halse, who she said was in the limo with her boyfriend, Patrick Cushing". That friend and her three sisters and their spouses were all killed, Abeling said. The sisters had been texting on Saturday as Amanda Halse got into the limo to head to the birthday party. All 18 occupants and two bystanders were killed, police said Sunday.

The supersized limousine involved in a crash that killed 20 people outside an upstate ny country store recently failed a safety inspection and shouldn't have been on the road, and the driver wasn't properly licensed, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Monday. Vehicles that cross state or country lines are required to be inspected every six months by the state Department of Transportation.

On top of that, the driver "did not have the appropriate driver's license to be operating that vehicle", Gov. Andrew Cuomo said.

Police said the 2001 Ford Excursion failed to stop at an intersection and continued into a parking lot, ultimately crashing into a parked vehicle.

The intersection has always been a concern for locals, reported The Associated Press. Two pedestrians near the unoccupied 2015 Toyota Highlander in the parking lot were also killed, he said. Relatives said the group was headed to a birthday party.

Grieving relatives have identified some of those killed in the crash.

Senate Leader John Flanagan described Cushing Monday as an "extraordinary" employee and "wonderful young man".

She and her husband, Axel Steenburg, were newly married.

Suzanne Douglass told The Associated Press that her nephew, Matthew Coons, of Johnstown, N.Y., had a "golden heart".

"It's clear that stretching a limo can put the wheels in motion for a awful tragedy", Schumer said then in a press release.

The Dysons lived in Watertown, New York, where Mary worked as an engineer and a coach at Star Spangled Crossfit, which dedicated a workout to her on Monday.

The group included four sisters and two brothers. The focus of the grief, however, is 20 miles north, in Amsterdam.

"They now have no parents", Douglas said. Two of the couples were newlyweds.

Jackson and his wife, Abby Jackson, were also reportedly killed in the crash.

She and her husband Adam left behind two daughters: 4-year-old Archer and 16-month-old Elle.

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