‘Businesses must offer better mental health support’

Grant Boone
October 10, 2018

Mental Health Australia is leading the World Mental Health Day campaign in Australia.

Because it's not over yet - we still need to get this issue debated in parliament, and ultimately for the law to be changed.

For those who want to get involved in raising awareness on World Mental Health Day, visit here to order your green ribbon (the global symbol for mental health awareness) or to find out about organising a Tea & Talk event.

Shirodkar believes that there may be a discrepancy between families residing in urban and rural areas when it comes to mental health issues. The young and adolescent age is the period for major physiological, emotional and social changes and the most vulnerable age for the onset of most mental disorders.

However, many a times the problem lies in the family's acceptance that there is a problem. Additionally, more than a quarter (26%) said bosses did little or nothing to help when employees were struggling with stress. The majority of chronic and recurrent psychiatric problems which are faced by adults have their roots in adolescence.

The Dubai Healthcare City, DHCC, the healthcare free zone of Dubai, today announced its week-long mental health awareness programme. Poor mental health is strongly related to other health and development concerns in young people, which include lower educational abilities, substance abuse and violence.

"Both the sector and those suffering mental health issues want all parties in Parliament to work together on enduring solutions".

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In every country on the planet, the burden of mental illness is rising, according to the authors of a new report.

Students who are seeking help regarding mental illness can find it easily accessed through NAMI, whereas some resources on campus may be a bit more limited, according to Zell. Three-quarters of those who suffer from mental illnesses develop symptoms by age 24.

"Sadly, one in five Australians affected by mental illness do not seek help because of stigma". Lack of treatment, in turn, also often leads to disability and lack of self-sufficiency.

'The 2030 Agenda is clear: We must leave no one behind. "If we can construct a system that can respond to young people at risk, when and where they need support - be that in the community, in primary or emergency care, or within tertiary services - we will undoubtedly be better placed to reverse the devastating trend we have seen over this past 10 years". Spending time with them, increased communication helps.

For information about mental health problems, advice and support visit Mind's website here. For example, children with conduct disorder are twice more likely to drop out of school, four times more likely to become addicted to drugs and twenty times more likely to end up in jail. "World Mental Health Day is a timely reminder to raise awareness and initiate conversations to improve mental wellbeing in the communities we serve". We have commenced the construction of primary health centres across the state to reach all Edo people and residents irrespective of where they reside.

Neil Barwise, people and culture manager at Maple Event Group, echoes the view a positive culture is the first and most important step in fostering mental wellbeing.

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