Fight flu - get your flu shot

Grant Boone
October 10, 2018

If the University wants to protect the health of students during flu season, a program that would be more accessible for students would help achieve this goal. That combined with changing flu strains is the reason that new vaccines are produced annually and people are advised to have the vaccine every year as well. This is the highest death toll from the flu in the last four decades.

"Last winter was a particularly bad year for flu, with a rise in the number of cases and hospitalisations". Last month, a Wake County school board member died after being diagnosed with influenza.

"The vaccine covered four of the viruses circulating globally, including the Flu A (H1N1) that we are now seeing most commonly in New Zealand".

It is still beneficial for anyone who was not vaccinated in early fall to get vaccinated later in the fall or winter because most influenza activity typically occurs in January or later. "Although vaccine effectiveness can vary from year to year, getting the flu shot gives you and those around you the best chance of not contracting the virus", Dr. Moore says. And people who may have an allergy to the vaccine.

Vaccination does not guarantee 100% protection against flu viruses, but thanks to her, even if you catch the disease, it will be mild and without complications. That is why the Sampson County Health Department is encouraging everyone to get the vaccination now.

Local nurses said prevention is key. Influenza can potentially be a very serious illness and is highly contagious. Getting a flu shot is most important in preventing the flu, both for yourself and spreading to others.

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Receiving those vaccinations, health care officials say, is very important when fighting the flu.

Flu is different from a cold and usually comes on suddenly. Given the long and complicated production process of vaccines, the way they are generally created is based off of public agencies trying to predict which specific strains of the flu will make an appearance in the oncoming flu season.

The state is urging all Delawareans 6 months and older to get their vaccinations before the end of the month. These habits include getting enough sleep, washing hands regularly and avoiding hand contact with the eyes, nose and mouth. It's recommended that you wash often with soap and water.

Influenza vaccination during the 2016-2017 flu season prevented an estimated 5.3 million influenza illnesses, according to data from the CDC.

It's the time of the year to receive your seasonal influenza vaccine. With about 10,000 of those being students, one-fifth of the student population received a flu shot from Boynton a year ago. "There are great benefits of the flu vaccination", added Ms. Freeman.

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