The Apple Watch Series 4 still struggles with Daylight Savings Time

Ruben Fields
October 10, 2018

Users who encountered the problem suspect it was tied to the Activity "complication" - Apple's term for information shown on the watch face - when using the Infograph Modular face option.

Owners of the Apple Watch Series 4 in Australia are experiencing failures due to daylight savings time. The maximum complaints are reported from Australia, where people have experienced the issue when they change in daylight saving time. The device could not draw a timeline of the day and to strike from it a single hour.

As long as the complication is active the problem persists.

Until Apple provides any specific help, it would be recommended leaving the Watch alone and waiting it out. It better not to put the smartwatch on a charger because anyways it will drain the battery by keep on rebooting the device. As a temporary workaround, users can try to remove the Infograph watch face from the Watch companion app on the iPhone. Presumably, the issue will fix itself tomorrow as well - when the day once again has 24 hours in it rather than the 23 of a daylight saving day.

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Are Complications only limited to the Larger Activity area?

"I removed the Infograph faces through the app and did a hard reset and my watch came good".

However, Apple will need to issue an update pretty quick, as Europe is heading for Daylight Saving pretty soon and the United States at the beginning of November.

Most of Europe changes its clocks on the last Sunday in October and the U.S. DST changeover is the 4th November, so Apple has a few days before this issue affects its biggest markets.

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