Stress, Apprehension Not Managed, Could Leads To Mental Illness

Grant Boone
October 12, 2018

The National Alliance on Mental Illness-San Antonio provides education and support programs in the San Antonio area.

"Their goal is to decrease the stigma about mental illness and suicide prevention among college students specifically", said Sammy Stoll, the president of the University of Iowa chapter of Active Minds.

 Bring together resources created to improve the physical health of people living with mental illness.

At least 177 countries were featured in a report from WHO earlier this year which charted the progressive implementation of its 2013 global action plan on mental health.

Professor Wendy Burn, president of the Royal College of Psychiatrists, said: "More people being detained under the Mental Health Act represents more people with mental illness reaching crisis point".

Dr Sands suggested mental illness greatly increases the risk of contracting other serious medical conditions such as HIV, diabetes, and heart disease.

She described Wednesday's event as a way to give "highlight to mental health issues and a way to give highlight to issues that are affecting youth and how they can get help" because too often people are unaware that help is available.

Model, actress and mental health advocate Kylie Verzosa from the Philippines discusses her experiences with depression, her journey to recovery and the ideas that shaped the online community, Mental Health Matters.

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According to World Health Organization, a lot of these cases go undetected and therefore untreated, meaning that they're likely to get worse as a person gets older.

As a result, mentally ill people were increasing on the streets of Accra because patients were being asked to contribute to their care.

Also, the common man is over-stressed with family responsibilities and work pressure, and has less time to socialise and de-stress. According to the Guardian op-ed, despite some improvements in communities around the world, there's still a long way to go.

"Many Chinese parents have no knowledge of mental illnesses and they don't know how to help their children cope with daily life when the kids are mentally challenged", said Peng.

Why? Because most people, who suffer from major depressive disorder, would rather hide their emotions than be a burden to their loved ones. We need nurses who have what it takes to make a difference in the lives of Milwaukee County residents with mental health needs.

"We need to open up functional counselling centres in our institutions of learning and within the society generally".

Experts say that women may be prone to some disorders (anxiety disorders) as they undergo a cyclic hormonal changes every month, but overall the prevalence is the same among both the sexes.

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