Google unveils new Pixel phone, adds tablet in Apple challenge

Ruben Fields
October 13, 2018

Google's most prized smartphone, the Pixel 3 XL, was officially launched a few days ago at a special event in NY.

Google will be bringing a "visual snapshot of your day" to Assistant letting you see "event recommendations, pull up your recent notes and lists and get important reminders" in an overview with either a tap on the icon on the top right, or by swiping up. Fortunately, AndroidCentral walks you through the process.

The Pixel 3 handsets introduce new photography features including a much higher-quality digital zoom than before. Both are OLED panels, so you're getting bright colours, deep blacks and superb contrast.

Google's largest announcement would have been that the Google Pixel 3 XL would be joining the Apple iPhone X (s) in including the controversial notch at the top of the screen. Despite this, there's a noticeable "chin" at the bottom of the screen, which isn't present on Apple's phone. Samsung is the only major Android provider that does not copy the iPhone X. A thankful Google Engineer was eventually reunited with his tester phone, but not before the Lyft driver shared the news with

Google says that on Smart Displays and Smart Speakers with Google Assistant you'll be able to open the Google Home app on your phone to see "Filters" that let you manage your kids activities, as well as a new "Downtime" feature to create a schedule that will block access to the device between certain hours. We like both designs - and so do Google and Apple clearly, as they're very similar to last year's handsets - so on this score, we'd recommend you pick the one you personally like the most.

The Pixel 3 certainly does improve on a lot of the features that made the Pixel 2 great to begin with. The iPhone XS Max, on the other hand, has a 3,174mAh battery. "Android" didn't come up. In another apparent nod to privacy concerns, Google didn't put a camera on its Home Hub like Amazon and Facebook did with their respective devices to enable video calls. Now the Pixel comes with the single camera, shocking isn't it?

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Google has also re-branded its AR Stickers app to Playground and updated some of its features. As a result, this is the smartest smartphone camera money can buy; low-light shooting is wonderful and Google's new "Top Shot" system takes images before you've even pressed the shutter, allowing you to capture the ideal snap.

Google is offering a range of different configurations as you would expect. You can adjust the level of bokeh-flavored blur in the shot after you take it simply by adjusting a slider. All of them sport price tags of $1,000 or above.

Except I'm thinking about it now, as the Pixel 3 prepares to go on sale next week in Singapore (with Singtel and Starhub).

The Pixel 3 starts at £739 for the 64GB model, moving up to £839 for the 128GB version.

The main reason for this is the USB-C port functionality the Gamevice Pixel 3 XL model sports. Now you just have to relax and decide what to wear on your date.

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