Doing it his way: Warren emulates Trump as she taunts him

Clay Curtis
October 16, 2018

President Trump unloaded on firebrand Senator and potential 2020 candidate Elizabeth Warren Tuesday morning; blasting the liberal legislator after a DNA test showed she may be 1/1024 Native American. "At every step of her remarkable rise in the legal procession, the people responsible for hiring her saw her as a white woman". "You said if I show you this, that you're going to pay whatever group I want a million bucks'".

He started Tuesday with three tweets claiming Warren's DNA test is "bogus" and that she perpetrated a "scam and a lie".

On Monday, Trump denied making that claim and said he would only give her the money he promised on the campaign trail if he could administer the DNA test himself.

"While the networks were trying to paint Warren's announcement as just a result of Trump's attacks, there was no critical examination of her previous claims and particularly her tall tale of how her parents had to elope because her father's family was opposed to him marrying a Native American", Fondacaro wrote. "She was not looking to prove she was part of the tribe".

But Warren had a role in this, too: Journalists in Boston started uncovering evidence that suggested that Warren may have known more about Harvard's promotion of her as Native American than she first let on.

Warren went on to lambast everything from Trump's business record to his refusal to release his tax returns to his economic policies to his administration's multitude of scandals to the inconsistencies between his rhetoric and actual actions when it comes to law enforcement, veterans, and patriotism.

Huntsman then noted the Cherokee nation's rebuke of Warren, but that talking point didn't sit well with Whoopi Goldberg, who quickly jumped in, telling her colleague, "No, don't twist this".

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Warren first faced scrutiny for her purported Native American heritage during her 2012 Senate race.

Her critique and dogged pursuit of justice in the current US political system has put her in line for retaking her seat on the US Senate.

Later Monday, Trump said he did not owe Warren the money, saying that was contingent on her winning the nomination.

After denying that he ever made the $1 million promise Monday, Trump clarified later that day that it only applied if she took the DNA test during a 2020 presidential debate and if he conducted it "personally".

"I found this to be pretty embarrassing for her", said co-host Abby Huntsman.

Warren's release of the DNA report on Monday was accompanied by a almost six-minute, campaign-style video that recounted her background and takes direct aim at Trump, with Warren saying his mocking of Native Americans is "not what America stands for". The unanswered question is how this will play out for Warren now that she, too, has elevated it.

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