Canada now world’s largest legal marijuana marketplace

Clay Curtis
October 17, 2018

Draeger Safety Canada, which makes the device, has shipped some units, but a two-week federal funding delay has put further orders on hold, although it expects demand for between 300 and 500 units through March, Managing Director Rob Clark said. "We know we need to do a better job to protect our children and to eliminate or massively reduce the profits that go to organised crime", the PM said on the eve of the legalisation.

According to the BBC, the Canadian government predicts it will raise around Ca$400 million (approximately $309 million) a year in tax revenues now that cannabis has been legalized.

The reform will be scrutinised by Canadians ahead of the next election in 2019.

Trudeau himself admitted in 2013 to having smoked pot five or six times in his life, including at a dinner party with friends after being elected to parliament.

The B.C. Liquor Distribution Branch, the official government distributor of non-medical cannabis in B.C., has entered a contract with Canada Post to deliver online cannabis orders to customers.

Now that the transaction is complete, he says he plans on vacuum sealing and framing the first gram of marijuana legally sold in the country.

Provinces are handling their own regulations for sale, growth and taxation of recreational marijuana, though there will be a nationwide minimum age of at least 18 years old.

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The Canopy founder said he's looking forward to the next steps in cannabis research and the developing public conversations around the substance, noting that the first sales are the result of years of advocacy work.

This new industry has attracted billions in funding, as well as interest from alcohol and soft drink makers such as Constellation Brands and Coca-Cola, respectively, which have expressed an interest in developing cannabis infused drinks.

However, Gillian Connelly of the Ottawa Public Health Agency believes that while the law may not be all good, it will help open up the conversation on marijuana use.

Some doctors, however, remain wary.

"Three years later, the federal government still can not give our police a single reliable piece of equipment to test for drug-impaired driving".

Bill Blair, a former police chief in Toronto who is Trudeau's pointman for pot legalisation, remains optimistic. However, they will have to wait a while to buy products infused with marijuana. "I suspect they're not going to go gently into the night", he told AFP. "I'm just going to save it forever", Power said.

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