Lyft’s New All-Access Monthly Subscription Plan Costs $300 Per Month

Daniel Fowler
October 17, 2018

Lyft applies a 5 percent surcharge to any rides beyond the monthly allotment of 30. As such, you'll want to do the math to find the break even point if you don't think you'll consume 30 rides per month.

Lyft announced the wide release of its All-Access Plan on Tuesday, giving frequent Lyft riders an opportunity to save money by spending more up front. At least not on a comparably wide scale, as Uber ride passes are still in testing and available to only a limited number of users each month, while the Lyft All-Access Plan is coming to "everyone in the USA by the end of the week".

Lyft's All-Access plan is priced at $299 per month. Like in other industries, subscriptions are a way of generating a steady stream of revenue from customers that might not spend so much if they had to pay per use. The rides are also capped at a value of $15 - take a ride that costs more than $15, and you'll have to pay the difference.

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Essentially, that makes the $300 subscription useful mostly to commuters, who in theory, would use the ride-share service throughout the work week. Starting today, passengers can subscribe to the plan. Do you plan on paying the monthly fee for 30 rides once the option becomes available?

The idea is to encourage users to ditch their own cars in favor of Lyft. You would then save $15 on each of the 10 remaining rides of the 30 that the subscription gets you. Wonder if the clock is ticking before Uber introduces something similar.

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