Hate crimes: Rise in offences linked to religious beliefs

Clay Curtis
October 18, 2018

A Suffolk police spokesman said: "We work hard to raise awareness of what a hate crime is, meaning we now receive more reports".

Efforts will also be made to develop a deeper understanding the issue of hate crimes are affecting disabled people.

In a statement released by the United Kingdom government, the Home Secretary Sajid Javid said, "Hate crime goes directly against the long-standing British values of unity, tolerance and mutual respect - and I am committed to stamping this sickening behaviour out".

"It is possible for a hate crime offence to have more than one motivating factor which is why the above numbers sum to more than 94,098 and the proportions to more than 100 per cent", the bulletin specified.

A new nationwide public awareness campaign to launch later this autumn created to educate on what hate crime is.

Currently, the common definition of a hate crime, agreed in 2007, still stands. It is a fantastic opportunity to show victims of this very bad crime how serious we treat their experiences and encourages more people to come forward and get help if they haven't already done so.

Five strands are monitored centrally: race or ethnicity; religion or beliefs; sexual orientation; disability; and transgender identity.

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Some forces log other types of hostility under the hate crime heading, including reports of misogyny and incidents where victims were targeted due to their age or membership of an "alternative sub-culture", such as goths.

Despite the increase in recorded crime, the number of completed prosecutions fell from 14,480 in 2016/17 to 14,151 in 2017/18 - a drop of 329 or 2.3%. If so, it could lead to tougher sentences.

This is the first time religiously motivated hate crimes have been published by the religious group subject to the offenses.

Last month, the Law Commission announced it was looking into whether offences driven by misogyny - defined as dislike, contempt or ingrained hatred against women - could similarly be deemed a hate crime.

Police in Surrey have reported an increase in the reporting of learning disability-related hate crime, after officers completed a course created to help them work with victims.

The terms of reference to the review said it will consider "whether crimes motivated by, or demonstrating, hatred based on sex and gender characteristics, or hatred of older people or other potential protected characteristics, should be hate crimes".

"There has been little action against bullying of Muslim children, minimal funding for security for Muslim institutions (and only during specific periods) and no support to Muslim communities to encourage reporting of hate crime", he said. Based on data voluntarily submitted by about 15,000 law enforcement agencies in the USA, the Federal Bureau of Investigation documented 6,121 hate crime incidents in 2016, up 5 percent from the previous year.

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