Roseanne Barr Bashes The Conners For Killing Her Character

Brenda Watkins
October 18, 2018

"There was a lot of chatter in the ether about how we should explain Roseanne's absence: Should she have a sudden heart attack, a mental breakdown or go off into the sunset on a boat with her son Jerry Garcia?" But it didn't come close to the 18.2 million people who watched the first episode of the "Roseanne" reboot last spring.

"Roseanne" was the biggest show of the year, and still had over 10 million viewers by its finale in May before it was canceled.

In May, "Roseanne" was cancelled after Barr posted a tweet comparing former Obama aide Valerie Jarrett to an ape.

Of course, the main questions surrounding The Conners isn't what's in them, but rather, what's missing from them.

While she also released a lengthy statement on Facebook with her longtime friend Rabbi Shmuley Boteach, on whose podcast she's appeared on multiple times since ABC fired her.

Barr also reacted to her character's death on Twitter, writing: "I AIN'T DEAD, BITCHES!"

Despite the scandal and her disdain for how the show is proceeding without her, the actress's on-screen children were full of praise for her during an appearance on Good Morning America on Wednesday.

On that point, one could certainly argue that since the 2016 election of President Donald Trump, folks who demographically resemble the Conner family have received a surplus of attention, much of it from the very same media they've been coached to despise. It's now up to The Conners to make sense of what happened and see if there's anything relevant for its characters to tell us in 2018. But he says "The Conners" is carrying on the legacy of the show and "it's important for us to do it right". "Many, including Barr herself, suspected as much thanks to a story line in the revival involving Roseanne getting a little more dependent on the pain medication for her knee than she, or anyone else, quite realized", the Chicago Tribune reported on October 16.

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New to the cast is Maya Lynn Robinson who plays DJ's wife, Roseanne's daughter-in-law.

However, Goranson says she doesn't think Barr's tweet reflects who she is as a person.

How are the Hollywood script writers going to address her disappearance when the high-profile reboot of Roseanne is itself rebooted - sans its lead actress - as The Conners?

The first episode of The Conners aired in the United States on Tuesday.

Goodman previously hinted that Roseanne would be killed off.

According to Rolling Stone, the premiere of "The Conners" was down 35 percent from the premiere of "Roseanne". And at the end, when the camera would traditionally make its way back to Barr and her bellowing laugh, it centered, instead, on Goodman and Gilbert. "That it was done through an opioid overdose lent an unnecessary grim and morbid dimension to an otherwise happy family show", Barr wrote in a statement on October 16 via the Rabbi Shmuley Boteach's Facebook page.

"I$3 started smoking... I have struggled with mental health issues and I was struggling at that time as well", she added.

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