Can You Get the Flu From a Flu Shot? Experts Weigh In

Grant Boone
October 19, 2018

You should get a flu shot that is not only for your own health, but for the health of others. It makes recommendations about what strains of the virus the flu vaccine should contain, and then individual countries decide which viruses the vaccine in their country will contain.

Twice a year, the WHO organizes consultations to review the data and predict what strains of the flu will be most prevalent in the coming season.

In all, experts say that 27 Oklahomans have been hospitalized with the flu since the season began on September 1.

About 900,000 people had to be hospitalized last flu season and 183 children died from the flu.

"I strongly encourage all healthcare workers to get the flu vaccine to protect themselves, their families and their patients".

Mirella Salvatore, an infectious disease specialist at Weill Cornell Medicine and NewYork-Presbyterian, told The New York Times the strains which are now circulating match that in the vaccine, but noted "even when vaccines do not match circulating strains they seem to prevent severe disease, and studies show that unmatched vaccines can still avert million of hospitalizations".

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Even in a normal season, Health Canada says influenza-related complications can land about 12,000 Canadians in hospital and kill 3,500.

What is a common misconception about the flu vaccine?

"I'd like to see more people get vaccinated", Redfield reportedly told journalists.

Children between six months and nine years old who have never had a flu shot need two doses, with a minimum of four weeks in between.

The role of pharmacists is being expanded this year to allow them to administer the free flu shot to residents five and up, during home visits, and in congregate living settings.

The Ministry of Health reminds the public that it is the flu season and that the seasonal flu vaccine is now available at all public health centers countrywide.

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