Flu Vaccination Very Important For Pregnant Women Says CDC

Grant Boone
October 19, 2018

Getting a flu shot can reduce a pregnant woman's risk of being hospitalized from the flu by an average of 40 percent, according to a study coauthored by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) of the United States and published on October 11.

The CDC has a tool to find locations to get a flu shot near you.

Flu shots are a family tradition for Dr. Chris Sikora-and he wants them to be for other Albertans, too. This changes annually, which, along with waning immunity, is why it's recommended that you get a flu shot every year.

The flu patient was a child who tested positive for influenza B and died between September 30 and October 6.

While the flu is no picnic for anyone, it can be especially risky and sometimes deadly for young children.

Flu activity remains low across the state, according to the health department, but it's expected to pick up in the coming weeks. The study found that 84 percent of the two million pregnancies in the data collected overlapped with the flu season, suggesting that many pregnant women likely will face exposure to flu during their pregnancies.

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"One of the best ways to prevent influenza deaths, influenza illness, and influenza hospitalizations is to be protected".

A total of 192 people in the South Zone were admitted to the hospital with lab-confirmed influenza, with seven deaths reported past year. In Alberta previous year, influenza put over 3,000 people in the hospital and killed 92 others. "All of the components, whether it's the nasal or injectable vaccine, do not constitute the official flu virus".

Although there might be adverse side effects of flu shots, they are often mild and do not cause concern. There is no way you can get the flu.

Medical Assistant Harela Zafir told WPTV West Palm Beach that people already have started coming into her office with cases of flu even though it seems early in the season.

While it may not always be the case that a mild season down under translates to a mild season in the northern hemisphere, the fact remains that last year's severe season in Australia foreshadowed our own. If your child is under the age of eight and it is the first time they've received the flu shot, they will need two shots, spaced a month apart, to build up their resistance.

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