Winamp 6 for mobile to launch in 2019

Ruben Fields
October 19, 2018

But Winamp 6, the one that acts as a hub for all your listening needs, is set to grace mobile devices sometime in 2019.

The new version, slated for release sometime next year, will build on the legacy of Winamp but also feature "a more complete listening experience", according to Radionomy CEO Alexandre Saboundjian. This new version will let you play music which you already have, but also to the cloud, to the podcast, to streaming radio stations and also to your playlist.

Winamp still has around one hundred million monthly active users, with this we can expect that there will be a large number of people who will switch to the upcoming app.

Winamp was first released in 1997, and it was a popular media player that experienced a huge rise before it was sold to AOL in 2002.

While Winamp has languished on version 5.666 for years, a new version 5.8 leaked online this month, bringing along improvements for Windows 10 compatibility.

It used to be the player of choice for mp3 files. Will Winamp really whoop "the llama's ass" in this age of iTunes and Spotify?

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"Winamp users really are everywhere".

That's all well and good, but honestly, I'm more excited about the prospect of being able to apply skins to this media player app when it's out. It hasn't been updated in five years, but it's finally slated to return in 2019. This time around Winamp will be a better application for your smartphone and will bring all your music, podcasts and streaming services at one place. The revamped version of Winamp is slated to arrive on both iOS and Android.

Note that a new version for computers is also provided. Winamp version 5.8 will come out in a few days, 18 October to be exact.

In 2002, AOL acquired it. It has a strong community.

Aside from the pledge to unite all these sources under one app, there isn't much detail as to how - or which services will be available in the updated Winamp. But everybody "knows" that Winamp is dead, that we don't work on it any more.

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