DECISION 2018: Early Voting Shows Republicans Out Voting Democrats

Katie Ramirez
November 3, 2018

New statistics released Tuesday by the state Division of Elections show that more than 1.26 million people have voted early. The total early voting count in 2014 came out to 21,218,015. Libertarian, minor party and unaffiliated voters accounted for just over 12 percent of votes. CNN's own analysis of a handful of seven critical states finds that women and older voters are performing their civic duty earlier in greater numbers in those states.

Prepaid postage on all ballot-return envelopes now means you don't even need to scrounge for a stamp, making it easier than ever to vote in the all-mail election. While that's typical for a nonpresidential year, voters shouldn't underestimate how much the midterm elections can influence state and national policy.

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There are more than 13 million registered voters in Florida, where the governor's office and a Senate seat are in play.

A further 19 USA states and the District of Columbia have also outperformed their 2014 early voting turnout, according to political scientist Michael P. McDonald of the University of Florida in Gainesville. Republican Kevin Hern faces Democrat Tim Gilpin in the race for U.S. House District 1.

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