Destiny 2 on PC Available as Free Gift This Month

Ruben Fields
November 3, 2018

PC users can download Destiny 2 for free today through November 18 and keep it forever. No time limits, and no strings attached. Players creating new accounts to redeem the game will be required to enable Blizzard SMS protection before they are allowed to redeem the game. All you need to do is log into and you'll see a prompt for a free gift. Just make sure you do it before November 18th, because once the promotion end, the game will likely go back to its old price. It's not quite a free game, but it's certainly better than nothing.

A Gambit trial will be available for all new players on PC November 9-11. Normally, the only way to access Gambit is by purchasing the expansion, but from November 9th-11th, Bungie will host a "Gambit Free Weekend".

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If you have Destiny 2 and none of its expansions, expect to pay almost the same amount with the past expansions costing Rs.1,660 in India ($20 in the US) while Destiny 2: Forsaken sports a Rs. 2,500 price tag ($40 in the US). With everything that has changed since Forsaken has released this is absolutely the time to give Destiny 2 a try.

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