‘Diablo’ set to invade mobile gaming platform

Ruben Fields
November 3, 2018

Diablo's next game, Diablo Immortal, is all about storytelling and teaming up with friends and strangers, all while saving the world from demons that inexplicably drop legendary helmets and gold. Because it's a mobile game, of course.

Now, you probably wonder just how social Diablo Immortal will be.

"When you get a chance to take a look at The Culling of Stratholme, you'll see we've pretty heavily modified the map", QA test lead Nicholas Louie told PC Gamer at BlizzCon today.

Reforged, Blizzard is planning on completely redoing major aspects of the original game.

For those that don't know: Diablo Immortal takes place between Diablo II: Lord of Destruction and Diablo III, and is a massively multiplayer online action-rpg that Blizzard pitches as a "true Diablo hack-and-slash adventure". His goal is to gather the fragments of the corrupted Worldstone and use them to resurrect Diablo.

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The Diablo Immortal announcement was met with a mixed response that Blizzard likely expected.

The transition from mouse-and-keyboard or controller to mobile touchscreen device was created to feel completely natural, intuitive, and fun in Diablo Immortal. The gameplay trailer teases the six hero classes present in the game, and shows off the non-stop action players can anticipate upon release. From those skills, you'll be able to choose five which will be assigned to an active skill button.

In their quest to cleanse Sanctuary, players will embark on all manner of thrilling expeditions, including taking part in dynamic events across unique public zones, and hacking and slashing their way through instanced dungeons.

The release date for Warcraft 3 Reforged has been set for 2019, so fans won't be waiting long for the new 4K experience.

"Warcraft 3 is monumentally important to us here at Blizzard, and its influence is evident in everything we've done since", said J. Allen Brack, President of Blizzard Entertainment in a prepared statement. Though it does say that pre-registration is open on Google Play first, with the Apple App Store's coming soon.

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