The new Overwatch hero is Ashe: here are her abilities

Brenda Watkins
November 3, 2018

Ashe is the leader of the Deadlock Gang.

The "Reunion" short opened up on McCree eating at a diner with an appropriately Western tune playing in the background before opening up to the wider world of Overwatch to set the stage for the short.

Overwatch's 29th character and 16th damage hero, is Ashe, the leader of the Deadlock gang and old acquaintance of Jesse McCree.

In addition to the levitating Snowball and the Genji Sword, Overwatch's heroes and environments have been adapted into LEGO form.

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While Kaplan teased that Echo will eventually be a playable hero-perhaps number 30-the biggest reveal of his presentation is that Ashe will be the newest hero joining Overwatch's ever-expanding roster.

With The Viper, a semi-automatic rifle, Ashe can fire off quick shots to take down an enemy's health. She also carries a coach gun that pushes enemies away from her and propels her backwards.

Her ultimate ability is her trusty companion, B.O.B, an omnic butler, who instantly became a fan favorite after he was featured in the McCree-Ashe short "Reunion". When it detonates, it lights enemies on fire and deals damage over a period of time. The idea of a hero call-in is new to Overwatch, so B.O.B. will truly be one of a kind. Ashe's main weapon rewards precise aim, as does her Dynamite ability.

Stay tuned for more from BlizzCon 2018.

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