Don't let the flu get you this holiday season

Grant Boone
November 4, 2018

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention recommended that everyone older than six months get a flu vaccine each year.

Despite widespread publicity, Livar said his department still hears common misconceptions about the disease and the vaccine.

Now is the time to get a flu vaccine, which is considered preventive and in most cases is covered through employer-sponsored, individual, and Medicare and Medicaid health plans. The researchers gave the llamas flu vaccines and then gathered antibodies from their blood, including some that were effective against more than one strain.Their choice of llamas was very practical. They are. I see it every year.

Flu shots help prevent millions of viral infections each year, but they don't offer full protection. Some studies have found that prior vaccination may reduce current-season flu VE, particularly when similar flu strains are used 2 years in a row, though the study's authors note that few studies have assessed this in children or examined the effect of flu vaccinations received in the prior 2 or 3 seasons.

Get the shot: Despite claims that you get the flu when you get the shot, this is actually false. You'll probably feel weak and exhausted, and have a fever, dry cough, runny nose, chills, muscle aches, severe headache, eye pain, and a sore throat.

He said influenza virus was seasonal and its outbreak in Pakistan is mostly by the H1N1 virus.

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For kids - and even some adults - with an aversion to needles, one pharmacy chain has come up with a way to help take the sting out of the flu shot.

A high-dose shot is available for seniors aged 65-plus, who are often at higher risk for severe complications from influenza, which in some cases can be fatal.

Contain: Stay home from school or work when you are sick to keep your germs from spreading.

matterA giant antibody created in the laboratory shielded mice against dozens of flu strains, offering hope for better protection in humans. This is why you may develop the flu around the time you get a vaccine because you were exposed prior to getting the vaccine and were not protected at the time you got infected.

"Unfortunately, this is an example of how serious flu can be", said Dr. "Even, pregnant women can take this vaccination and it is totally safe", he observed. It does not matter where you go because they all use the same vaccine.

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